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Inpatient Rehabilitation

Loss of independence is frightening and troublesome for many individuals and their families. A stroke, serious injury, auto accident, hip fracture, neurological issues, complicated by other health problems, and even a long illness can make it difficult to perform daily activities again. Garden City Hospital’s physical therapy and rehabilitation services are available to patients with a wide variety of conditions who need help regaining motion, strength, and independence. Both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services are available. Decisions regarding patient care are made on an individual basis by a team of rehabilitation health professionals.

Our inpatient rehabilitation unit focuses on helping individuals help themselves to regain their maximum level of independence. Physical therapy and other rehabilitation services are available to patients with a wide variety of conditions who need help regaining motion, strength, and independence. Three months after discharge from the unit, 99 percent of patients maintain or improve functional ability. The GCH rehabilitation team highlights abilities, not disabilities. With staff assistance and encouragement, patients strive to do many activities on their own. Patients get up and dressed every morning and follow a busy schedule all day. Caregivers are invited to visit during therapy sessions to observe, participate and be educated in the treatment programs.

What to Expect

Hospital Care

When patients reach Garden City Hospital’s inpatient rehabilitation unit, their medical condition has been stabilized and emphasis is put on how they can help themselves through the team's efforts. Care focuses on short- and long-term goals directed by the attending physician specializing in physical medicine. The doctor is supported by a team of professional rehabilitation specialists who determine current capabilities and monitor patient progress. The staff works closely with loved ones, who are essential members of this team.

Attending Physician

The attending physician is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This doctor will direct the patient's total rehabilitation program. In addition, the hospital has a staff of internists, urologists, neurologists, orthopedists, cardiologists and many other specialists who are available if medical problems arise.

Rehabilitation Nursing

Rehabilitation nurses will help the individual use all the skills they are learning in the various therapies and apply them throughout their stay. These include eating, dressing, toileting and mobility or moving about. Rehab nurses foster independence around the clock, teaching patients and their families how to apply the knowledge and skills in preparation for discharge home. The rehab nurses work to create an atmosphere of wellness on the unit, promoting the best possible health for the patient.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist (PT) provides treatment based on an initial evaluation, which includes an assessment of pain, joint motion, muscle strength and the ability to move functionally. Based on the patient's individual need, emphasis will be placed on bed mobility, transfers, gait training, stair climbing and balance. The physical therapist will work closely with the patient and family to educate them regarding safe and proper procedures for mobility, as we work toward independence.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapist (OT) will instruct the patient on skills redevelopment to achieve their highest level of independence and safety in routine daily activities. These include feeding, dressing, grooming, bathing, toileting and home management skills. The OT evaluates strength, coordination, sensation and the ability to care for oneself. This includes the design of a treatment program to meet the unique needs of the patient. The OT may recommend new techniques and assistive devices that can be used in performing daily activities. The patient and family will be educated on safe and proper procedures for self-care.

Speech-Language Pathology

The speech-language pathologists addresses the patient's understanding of speech, reading, speaking, writing, thinking and memory skills needed for everyday activities. The speech-language pathologist is also trained to help with any swallowing difficulty due to accidents or illness.

Case Manager

The goal of case management is to connect the patient with quality and cost-effective healthcare services. Together with the rehabilitation team, the case manager organizes rehab services to promote optimal outcomes for the patient. The case manager identifies potential challenges or complications in the rehab process, establishes goals, updates the family and team and implements and evaluates the process.

Social Services

A rehabilitation social worker keeps patients and loved ones informed weekly of progress, goals, barriers to discharge and estimated length of stay. In addition, they will help examine possible discharge options and explore community resources. The social worker is available to help all involved as they cope with emotional and discharge planning issues that may result from accident or illness.


Psychological stress following an injury or illness can become a serious problem which could interfere with rehabilitation and adjustment. Psychological consultations and neurological evaluations are performed as necessary.

To find out more about Inpatient Rehabilitation Services at Garden City Hospital, call 734-458-4395. For a Garden City Hospital physician, go to Find a Doctor or call the Physician Referral Line at 877-717-9355.