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Garden City Hospital Senior ER

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Discover the advantages of the new Senior ER at Garden City Hospital

We all get older and reach important milestones. It’s time to be proud of what you’ve achieved in life. We think you deserve a little extra comfort when you need to visit the ER. That’s why we designed our new Senior ER with you or your senior family members in mind. Here you will find these advantages:

  • Private accommodations with soft, gel mattresses and recliners for comfort
  • Softer lighting and a quieter, calming atmosphere
  • Specially trained staff attuned to the needs of older adults
  • Warm blankets
  • Private waiting area for loved ones
  • Larger print size on clocks and written materials
  • Availability of reading glasses, hearing assistive devices and telephones
  • Age appropriate assessments, education and care
  • Extra attention to senior safety needs including availability of assistive devices to aid with walking
  • Help coordinating seamless transitions of care
  • Bedside registration
  • Attention to promptness as part of Garden City Hospital QUICK-ER

It’s all about you! We invite you to discover the advantages of the new Garden City Hospital Senior ER. Whether for yourself or a special senior in your life, we designed this dedicated emergency room with your comfort in mind – because you’ve earned it! Great-ER senior care at the Garden.