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When it’s an emergency – get home QUICK-ER

Many hospitals say you can be seen in the ER in just a few minutes. But that’s only part of the story. In many cases, your journey might be far from over. Being seen quickly at the beginning of the process is important, but, at Garden City Hospital we believe it’s important for the entire experience to be as prompt as possible. That’s why we’re making sure the care you receive is high quality and that it’s prompt – not just at the beginning, but every step of the way. We FAST-TRACK your care.

When it comes to emergencies that do not require admission to the hospital, we know it’s important to get you home. We know that your time is precious. That’s why we place a premium on promptness without sacrificing quality and attention to your needs. So, when you’re choosing where to go for an emergency, you can feel confident the care you’re getting at Garden City Hospital is not only high quality but prompt. Because we know you want to return to the things that matter most to you!

Specialized Emergency and Cardiovascular Expertise

Our Emergency Department is specially trained and staffed to handle rapid diagnosis and fast track care during the critical early stages of a heart attack, stroke, and shock when treatments are most effective. Our medical staff is specially trained in identifying acute coronary early assessment, diagnosis and treatment. We are very proud of providing our community with the team, knowledge, and dedication to fight America’s #1 killer, heart disease.
We are also certified as a Primary Stroke Center by the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program. This means patients experiencing stroke symptoms receive swift, effective and often life-saving treatment. We’re one of an elite group of hospitals to earn this distinction. Our hospital
has also received the Gold Plus Award from the American Heart Association for our stroke care. Emergencies happen without warning, but good care by Board Certified Emergency Care Physicians and Health Professionals is no accident.