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Heart Care

A new level of cardiac care. Right in your neighborhood.

The Smart Choice for Heart Emergencies.

More people with heart emergencies are choosing Garden City Hospital, and they’re making the choice for a very good reason. Garden City Hospital has a track record of success, offering rapid diagnosis and fast-track treatments before a cardiac situation worsens. Patients have the life-saving advantage of GCH 24/7 Heart Care and E.R. doctors working together to determine the most appropriate treatment.

Heart disease is the top cause of death in southeastern Michigan. “Treating heart attacks on a timely basis with PCI is critical in preventing further damage to the heart muscle. Having a full range of emergency and elective interventional services means, patients now have access to leading interventional cardiologists who can respond rapidly without needing to transfer patients for specialty or complex care. Fewer transfers means faster treatment and a greater likelihood of positive outcomes,” said Ashok Kondur, MD, lead GCH interventional champion for 24/7 Heart Care.