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Cardiac Rehabilitation

A heart procedure can be a troubling experience, but with appropriate rehabilitation patients can resume their normal and active lives. The cardiac rehab program at Garden City Hospital not only helps patents properly recover from their procedure, but it helps patients minimize future heart complications.

What is Cardiac Rehab?

Our cardiac rehab program consists of exercise training, counseling, and education on how to live a healthy and active life after surgery. Before entering rehabilitation, an exercise tolerance, or stress test must be conducted to determine the patient’s ability and fitness.

The exercise training during cardiac rehab helps physically strengthen a patient, and allows them to safely challenge themselves with the assistance of their rehab team. Overcoming challenges within the program helps patients regain their confidence, and get back to their normal lives more quickly than those who do not participate in a rehab program.

The counseling that occurs within the Garden City Hospital cardiac rehabilitation program helps patients overcome the emotional issues that often go hand-in-hand with heart disease. Learning how to cope with depression, anxiety and stress can help patients minimize their risk of future heart complications.

Cardiac rehab educational programs are designed teach patients about the recovery process and help them adopt healthy lifestyle changes. With heart healthy eating and proper exercise, patients can improve their overall health and quality of life.

Who Benefits from Cardiac Rehab?

Our cardiac rehabilitation program is for patients of all ages who suffer from heart related conditions. If you have experienced heart related problems, then cardiac rehab may be beneficial to you. Our program doesn’t just help improve your physical condition, but helps you deal with the mentally taxing aspects of recovering from a heart related condition. Our number one goal is to help you live a healthy and fit life after any type of heart procedure.

For more information about cardiac rehabilitation at Garden City Hospital, call 734-458-3242.