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COVID-19 Testing

Covid testing is offered as an outpatient service at the Hospital Lab.

Monday - Friday

10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

(Garden City Hospital surgery patients, please coordinate with the GCH surgery team on getting a COVID-19 test before your procedure)

Please have your I.D. or driver's license and insurance card (if you have one) ready when you arrive.

If you have never been seen at Garden City Hospital before, please allow for up to 15 minutes for the registration process. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing or other symptoms, please visit the Emergency Room immediately. If you are in line and would like to exit the line, please call 734-458-4330 for assistance.

Please visit our Facebook page for COVID-19 updates.

Save-A-Life Program FAQ

How does the testing work?

Testing at Garden City Hospital Lab offers nasal swab testing for COVID-19 to determine current COVID-19 infection. The test is done as an outpatient service at the Hospital Lab.

Who is eligible for testing?

Testing is eligible for all residents of Wayne County and those employed by Wayne County. Adults and children may be tested. There are no age restrictions for children.

Do I need to have symptoms to get tested?

You do not need to show symptoms or have confirmation of recovery from COVID-19 to get tested. If you are experiencing serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing or chest pain, please visit the Emergency Room immediately.

Do I need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment. The Lab is open Monday-Friday from 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Please have your I.D. / driver's license and insurance information (if you have insurance) ready.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

You do not need a prescription or referral from your doctor to be tested.

When and how will I get my results?

Adults 18+ are asked to set up a MyChart portal account to receive COVID-19 test results. You may learn more about MyChart-Patient Portal at Results are typically delivered within 24 hours.

How do I get results for my child who is under 18?

Parents (or guardians) can request proxy access that allows them to log in to their personal MyChart account and connect to information regarding their family member. View the tip sheet on how to set up proxy access in your MyChart account. For questions and assistance in Proxy Access Set Up, please email

Proxy Access: Tip Sheet - Child

How much does it cost?

Patients with health insurance should not have any out-of-pocket costs, but should check with their health plan to confirm prior to testing. Please bring health insurance card.

Uninsured individuals in the U.S. without health care coverage are eligible for zero cost under the HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program. Please bring, state identification /driver’s license, and/or social security number if available.

Do you offer rapid testing?

We do not offer rapid testing. Garden City Hospital offers the molecular polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test to detect current infection.

What is the difference between a COVID-19 nasal swab and antibody test?

At this time, we are only offering the COVID-19 nasal swab test. The COVID-19 nasal swab test will detect if you are currently infected with COVID-19. An IgG antibody blood test will determine whether you were infected with COVID-19 in the past and have built up antibodies. The American Red Cross offers antibody testing at a variety of locations in our area. To find a site near you and to schedule an appointment, click here. To learn more about IgG antibodies, click here.

How do I know if I'm positive?

All adults 18 and over will receive their test results through their Patient Portal. Please follow these instructions to set up your account. After you're tested at Garden City Hospital, please continue to check your account for results. It's recommended to quarantine until you receive your results to prevent risk of transmission. If you test positive and have questions regarding next steps, please contact your personal family doctor. If you develop serious symptoms, please visit the Emergency Room immediately. Garden City Hospital ER has extra precautions in place to keep you and others safe.

If you have any further questions, please call 734-747-0771 between business hours of 8:00 am-4:00 pm, M-F, or email questions to For questions during after hours or weekends, please call 734-458-3300.