Breast Care


Garden City Hospital is pleased to announce that they now provide a Certified Breast Patient Navigator to compliment the full spectrum of imaging services offered at the Center for Breast Care. This is an individual who is specially trained and certified by the National Consortium of Breast Centers to fulfill their mission of supporting the "development, maintenance, advancement and improvement of the highest quality, patient-focused Breast Centers, through education, certification and interdisciplinary communication among the communities it serves."

This new service combined with highly experienced, licensed and accredited breast imaging professionals, four board-certified subspecialties trained Radiologists, a full spectrum of imaging-guided procedures and a Medical Director who has specific subspecialty training in women's imaging from Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School can meet the broad range of needs for the people in our community.

"Every Staff member at the Garden City Center for Breast Care recognizes that the complexity of the breast health care system can leave patients feeling confused, lost, or afraid; the breast health patient navigator helps patients by guiding them through the various imaging services offered and connecting them with appropriate resources and support. Our program goals include improving patient satisfaction and enhancing access to early detection through patient education and imaging services in cooperation with the patients referring physician." - Tessa Gilin RT(R)(M), CN-BI, Clinical Manager and Certified Breast Patient Navigator.

Detecting cancer early makes all the difference

Women diagnosed with breast cancer at stage 1 have nearly a 100% five-year survival rate, according to the American Cancer Society. However, women with stage 4 cancers have only a 22% chance of living another five years. Finding breast cancer sooner translates to significantly higher odds of survival.

View Our Step-By-Step Breast Self Exam Guide

Some women need more than a mammogram

Mammograms are outstanding screening tools for many women. However, in women at high risk, a mammogram may miss small breast cancers, that could remain undetected until they are much larger. Customized screening is the key. How do you know whether a regular mammogram is enough? The GCH Center for Breast Care measures your lifetime risk for developing breast cancer and tailors a screening to your unique needs. A mammogram may be sufficient, but you may also need an advanced screening procedure, like breast MRI for early detection. If you have breast cancer, you need to know now – when the cancer is in its early stages and treatment is most effective.

Do you know what your risk for Breast cancer is?

We offer more than a yearly mammogram. We offer the area’s most advanced total breast care including a full risk assessment for every patient. The GCH Center for Breast Care all provides:

  • Full Field Digital Mammography
  • Ultrasound Services including Biopsy
  • Stereotactic Biopsy

Breast Ultrasound

Garden City Hospital’s Center for Breast Care offers ultrasound evaluation. A breast ultrasound examination is an investigative technology used for taking a closer look at areas of your breast that your doctor still has questions about after doing a mammogram and clinical breast exam. An ultrasound test may be useful if you have dense breast tissue, your mammogram shows an indistinct mass, or if a lump can be easily felt during a clinical breast exam.

Bone Densitometry (Dexa) Scanning

The Center for Breast Care also offers the latest in Bone Densitometry (Dexa) Scanning for both men and women. Testing patients with Bone Densitometry (Dexa) Scanning is a non-invasive, quick and painless technology that is used to measure bone mass. Bone mass, simply put, is the weight of the skeleton, overall or in specific regions. Bone mineral density, or BMD, reveals a risk factor for fractures.

Bone Densitometry testing is recommended for:

  • Persons taking anti-coagulants
  • Both men and women
  • Premature menopause
  • Those who have taken chemotherapy, radiation therapy, history of osteopenia, hyperthyroidism or irritable bowel disease.

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The Garden City Hospital Center for Breast Care has convenient appointment scheduling, offering next day screening scheduling. Call 734.458.4366 and make your appointment today!
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The Garden City Hospital Center for Breast Care is located at: Garden City Hospital Imaging Department (main floor) at 6245 Inkster Road Garden City, MI 48135.

Garden City Hospital is committed to helping you maintain your great health by offering reduced pricing options for the uninsured. Click here to learn more. For more information about the services provided at the Center for Breast Care, call 734.458.7210.