Respiratory & Pulmonary


The Respiratory Department at Garden City Hospital provides a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services.


The Pulmonary Diagnostic Lab offers a variety of testing to help your doctor diagnose lung disease, measure the severity of lung problems and check to see how well treatment for a lung disease is working.

Tests Available


A simple test that can help diagnose various lung conditions. It measures how much and how quickly you can move air in and out of your lungs.

Complete Pulmonary Function Test

A more in-depth test that can diagnose lung diseases, measures the severity of lung problems and check to see how good treatment for a lung disease is working.

Bronchoprovocation Challenge Test

A test for airway responsiveness (e.g. asthma) performed on individuals who have a normal pulmonary function test. A person is given various strengths of a medication to inhale after which spirometry is performed.

6 Minute Walk Test

The six-minute walk is used to test exercise tolerance in chronic respiratory disease and heart failure. The six-minute walk test measures the distance an individual can walk over a total of six minutes on a hard, flat surface. The goal is for the individual to walk as far as possible in six minutes. The individual is allowed to self-pace and rest as needed as they traverse back and forth along a marked walkway.

Home Oxygen Evaluation

A person’s oxygen level is evaluated while at rest and during ambulation. This test is used to qualify a person for oxygen use outside of the hospital setting.

Pulse Oximetry

Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive method for monitoring a person’s oxygen level. This is done by placing a sensor device on your fingertip.

Arterial Blood Gas

An arterial blood gas (ABG) test measures the acidity (pH) and the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood from the artery. The test is used to check how well your lungs can move oxygen into the blood and remove carbon dioxide from the blood.


The Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to assisting individuals with their cardiac and pulmonary issues. We have Respiratory Therapists, Registered Nurses and Exercise Physiologists that will help develop a plan that will suit your individual needs.

Our program includes:

  • Exercise Training
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Education on your lung or cardiac disease and how to manage it
  • Energy-conserving techniques
  • Breathing exercises and strategies
  • Group Support
    • Breathers Club meets on Tuesdays
    • CHF (Cardiac Heart Failure) Class meets on Tuesdays at 2:00pm

Please call 734-458-3242 for a schedule of classes and events.


Respiratory Therapists work in collaboration with physicians, nurses and other members of the health care team to develop a care plan for each individual patient. A Respiratory Therapists scope of care includes airway management, CPR, invasive and non-invasive ventilation management, oxygen therapy, medication nebulization and diagnostic testing. Respiratory Therapists strive to provide patients and their families with education that is pertinent to their care while at the hospital and also meaningful for use in the home setting.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 734-458-3483.