Oncology & Cancer Care


Garden City Hospital is committed to providing excellent cancer care and the latest cancer treatment options to residents in southeastern Michigan. We are an outpatient treatment center that provides medical, hormonal and radiation oncology treatment, as well as treatment for blood disorders (hematology).

Comprehensive Cancer Treatment

The diagnosis of cancer can have a profound effect on patients and their families, affecting physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual foundations. Mindful of this reality, Garden City Hospital subscribes to a whole-person approach to cancer treatment.

Our comprehensive program integrates advanced technologies and compassion care to diagnose and treat cancer, including:

  • Advanced imaging capabilities to diagnose and monitor cancer
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Nutrition and exercise

Our Cancer Care team of professionals includes, oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and referring physician, who collaborate to determine the best treatment options for patients. They also work together to educate and empower patients, so they can actively participate in their own healing, and make informed treatment decisions that are based on their needs.

We know that it's important for patients to receive cancer care close to home. That's why we provide a variety of amenities for patients going through cancer treatment, and their loved ones, including pain management, nutrition, spiritual services, companionship support ,and support groups. If you have a loved one that has cancer, feel free to set up an appointment to speak with our oncology specialists.

For more information on oncology services, please call Garden City Hospital at 877-717-WELL.