Medical Education


The general information for the Recruitment and Selection Process and residency program requirements are available by request at any time. Application forms for the sponsored residency positions are available through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) only and applications for a residency position are initiated and received through ERAS.

Active recruitment occurs annually October 15 through January 31. During this period applications are evaluated for eligibility to participate in the interview process. Eligibility for an applicant’s participation and invitation to be interviewed is determined by the program director and by the applicant’s degree of compliance with the Selection Criteria (see below) with interviews conducted by key members of the respective residency programs.


The Residency Selection Committee (RSC) will review each applicant’s credentials and qualifications with adherence to the Selection Criteria and determine who will be interviewed. It is the RSC responsibility to determine a list of eligible candidates for their respective residency programs in ‘rank order’ of preference with the scheduling of the applicant interviews conducted on a rolling basis. Once interviewed, the eligible candidates are submitted to the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) via the Rank Order List.

The residency programs will select trainees among eligible applicants based on the training program-related criteria, and will not discriminate regarding sex, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, color, national origin, disability, veteran status, or another applicable legally protected status.

To determine which candidates making application meet the necessary qualifications, the selection of process for each program is coordinated via the Electronic Resident Application System (ERAS). This application must include the following information:

  • Satisfactory Academic Credentials and an interest in Garden City Hospital
  • Graduation from an AOA or LCME accredited medical school and for international graduates, the applicant must comply with ACGME and ECFMG requirements for entry into graduate medical education in the United States.
  • For graduates from International Medical Schools, we are not accepting applicants with Visa’s. All candidates must be a US Citizen or possess a Green Card.
  • Graduation within the past five (5) years preferred with an acceptable explanation of any break in their education
  • Medical School Grades and Evaluation Results
  • Personal Statement
  • Reference Letters from the Dean and other Medical School Faculty
  • Three (3) reference Letters from Faculty during rotations and other pertinent correspondence
  • Research and Teaching Experiences and Community Service Experiences preferred
  • Professionalism and Personal Characteristics (including but not limited to)
    • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
    • Ability to listen and communicate clearly and accurately
    • Professional Attitudes and Humanistic Qualities
    • Reliability, integrity, mutual respect for others, commitment to ethical conduct
    • Compassion, sensitivity, and respect for the dignity of others, importance of patient confidentiality
  • Satisfactory Performance on Examinations:
    • USMLE EXAMS – Steps 1 and 2 with a preferred score of 220 or higher preferred
    • COMLEX EXAMS – Parts 1 and 2 with a preferred score of 450 or higher preferred

NOTE: CE and PE are desirable for interview selection and are expected prior to submission of rankings through the AOA Intern and Resident Match through the National Matching Service. GCH has not established minimum COMLEX or USMLE scores and does not publish scores from past entering classes. Instead, GCH looks at applicants as more than their test scores and will attempt to find those individuals who fit well with the respective residency program faculty, house staff, and hospital culture.

The final decision on acceptance of an appropriate candidate is to be made by the Program Director.

Applicant FAQ's

I am interested in applying to one of your programs. What do I need to do?

GCH accepts applications for PGY1 positions through ERAS. This applies to those applicants who will be graduating next spring as well as those who are currently enrolled in a graduate medical education program. In addition, we are now accepting fellowship applications through ERAS for Cardiology.

GCH is not currently accepting applications for transfers into any of our residency programs as there are no anticipated openings at the PGY-2 level or higher. If openings do become available, they will be posted on this site and on the AOA Post Match webpage:

How can I set up a rotation at GCH?

We’d be happy to talk with you about setting up a rotation. Please keep in mind that during application season, rotations may already be filled. "Audition" rotations are especially encouraged for applicants in the surgical specialties.

To check on availability of rotations for osteopathic medical students and visiting residents, please contact Susan Patterson, Student Coordinator at (734) 458-7238 or

All rotations must be approved by your institution and Garden City Hospital.

What is the average (or minimum) COMLEX score for applicants?

At Garden City Hospital, we have not established minimum COMLEX scores and do not publish scores from past entering classes. Instead, we look at applicants more than their test scores and try to find those individuals who fit well with our faculty, house staff and hospital culture. That said, we do expect applicants to have completed COMLEX requirements for graduation (see below).

Does GCH require completion of COMLEX 2?

Applicants for PGY-1 positions to most programs do not need to have COMLEX 2 scores available in ERAS to be considered for an interview. However, it is expected that applicants will have successfully completed COMLEX 2 CE and PE prior to being considered for ranking. Candidates should not delay submission of their COMLEX 2 scores.

How many letters of recommendation should I provide to GCH?

We require three to four letters of recommendation. Letters from GCH physicians are particularly beneficial, if available, but are not required.

What can I do to increase my chances of being selected by GCH?

The optimal thing is to spend time with GCH program directors, faculty and house staff on a rotation here. This lets you learn about us and lets us get to know you. If a rotation is not an option, shadowing opportunities may be available. However, visiting residents and shadowing opportunities are limited in number. Please contact Susan Patterson, Student Coordinator at (734) 458-7238 or

Is GCH accepting applications for PGY2/OGME-2 training?

Not at this time. Individuals who are currently enrolled in a traditional rotating internship and are seeking to enter a residency program will need to apply through ERAS for an PGY-1 position in that specialty. Such individuals may be eligible to apply for advanced standing that would ultimately shorten the total duration of their residency program. Unanticipated openings for GME positions will be posted on the AOA Post Match website (see above).

Does GCH accept MD’s or international medical graduates?

Only our Internal Medicine Residency Program accepts applications for graduates or soon to be graduates from accredited osteopathic medical schools and allopathic U.S. or international medical schools. Our other residency programs are accredited by the American Osteopathic Association and as such we only accept Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.'s) who have graduated from a U.S. College of Osteopathic Medicine.