Medical Education

General info for students


Garden City Hospital offers student housing to osteopathic medical students on a first-come, first-served basis. Preference is given to students who are visiting from out of state. Apartments are furnished and are located within walking distance or a short drive to GCH. Weekly, linens, towels and housekeeping services are provided by the Hospital. There is nominal fee of $25 per week ($100 or a 4-week rotation or $50 for a 2-week rotation), which is payable to the hospital cashier during student orientation.


There is no charge for parking. Students may park in the visitor lot adjacent to the Main Entrance only on their first day. Instructions for employee parking will be provided at the time of student orientation.


An orientation program is held on each Monday for students new to Garden City Hospital. The Student Coordinator will provide you with helpful information. Externs will be issued a photo ID badge and a pager for use during their rotation.


Base students will receive training for use of GCH electronic medical records, and will have access to enter orders for co-signature by a supervising physician. Visiting students will have read-only access to the EMR.