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Meet Garden City Hospital Executive Chef, Nick Schmidt!
Sep 1, 2020

Meet Garden City Hospital Executive Chef, Nicholas Schmidt Executive Chef, Nicholas Schmidt, came to Garden City Hospital with a wide range of culinary experience. Following graduation from the Schoolcraft culinary program in 1999, Chef Nick then ...

What an EMS Liaison Knows: Code 3 Podcast with GCH EMS Liaison Roger Dyjak
Aug 6, 2020

Garden City Hospital and Lake Huron Medical Center EMS Liaison and firefighter/EMT for the Memphis Michigan area fire department, Roger Dyjak, talks with renowned journalist Scott Orr about the role of pre-hospital care in the fire/EMS setting and ...

Hear what our patients had to say about their experience at GCH!
Jul 20, 2020

"Just wonderful! Thank you to all the staff for their kindness, support and sympathy to my needs." "Care was quick and efficient. Diagnosis of an unusual problem was picked up quickly by the staff." "ER staff was kind, ...

Hear what our patients are saying!
May 27, 2020

"Everything was nice, they care. Lovely staff." - Jihad "Very professional, very kind." - Willie "I was recently rushed to Garden City Hospital, where I was immediately taken to the ER. Several doctors and nurses helped me. I ...

Hear what Sandy had to say about her experience at Garden City Hospital!
Apr 9, 2020

"Garden City Hospital saved my son's life in 2001. I got the chance to pay my gratitude. Whenever I look at the Top 100 Hospitals sign, I really think GCH deserves that." - Sandy

Hear what people are saying!
Apr 8, 2020

"Best hospital ever!! Everyone was so kind and answered all my questions, explained things to me and took really good care of me. I am so blessed for Garden City Hospital. Thank you all so much." - Danielle

Thank you messages for our Healthcare Heroes during COVID-19
Apr 6, 2020

"Thank you! Thank you for working your butts off during this pandemic. I appreciate that you're risking your health to care for our community. I'm staying home to do my part. I wish you rest, and quiet from the storm." - Amy ...

Hear what our patients are saying!
Mar 6, 2020

"My daughter is a nurse and my girlfriend is a customer service representative at another hospital in the area. They wanted me to go there instead of GCH. I told them no, I'd rather go to Garden City Hospital. I get good care there."

See what's new at Garden City Hospital!
Feb 24, 2020

Click here to read the full edition.

Heart Disease in Women
Feb 7, 2020

Go Red for Women by supporting with Garden City Hospital today, February 7th, 2020. Wear red to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease in women. Heart disease is the number one killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. Support women who ...

Hear what William had to say about his experience
Feb 3, 2020

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying...
Jan 16, 2020

We don't like to brag, so we will let our patients do it for us! See what Garden City Hospital patients had to say about us! “Knowledgeable” “Listens” “A Hidden Gem” “Friendly” "State of the ...

5 Resolutions for a Healthy New Year
Jan 6, 2020

5 Resolutions for a Healthy New Year Each new year brings opportunity and motivation for a fresh start. Here are some easy-to-achieve resolutions to add to your list to make for a healthy, happy year. Stay Hydrated Water is vital to our health. Not ...

Treating Chronic Pain
Dec 23, 2019

Treating Chronic Pain Sruthi Kondur, MD, practicing pain management specialist at Garden City Hospital Pain is a very complex problem that we deal with. Sometimes, it can be just a cut or a sprain that lasts only a few minutes, but other times it can ...

Garden City Hospital Today Winter Edition
Dec 20, 2019

Read about what's new at Garden City Hospital in our latest edition of Garden City Hospital Today! Learn more about our comprehensive sports medicine program with fast-ER care, award-winning orthopedics, rehabilitation and alternative pain ...

Our Transformation Story
Sep 30, 2019

Just years ago, Garden City Hospital was on the brink of closure. Today, we celebrate five years with Prime Healthcare and the progress we've made in fulfilling our mission to better serve our community. This is our transformation story. ​Click ...

Join us for a Community Open House Event!
Aug 27, 2019

Watch our new commercial! We have been growing for you, now we want to show you the NEW Garden City Hospital. Join us Wednesday, September 25 from 7:00-11:00 am for "A Stroll in the Garden" community open house event. Witness our ...

Are you at risk for diabetes?
Aug 19, 2019

Garden City Hospital Internal Medicine doctor, Hetal Gandhi, has been treating diabetic patients for the past 15 years and is very passionate about the subject. What is Diabetes? "Diabetes is when your blood sugar level is higher than ...

Hear what these families had to say about their mother's experience
Aug 14, 2019

"To all who helped to make my mother comfortable, The ER staff, especially R.N. Stacey, the west wing where my mother stayed. Dania, Zee, Jenny, Entisar, Lindsey, Renee, Devin, Courtney, Alyssa, Laura and anyone who I may have forgotten. You ...

Hear what this patient had to say about their experience
Aug 14, 2019

"Dear 3rd-floor staff, You have all been so wonderful, caring, kind, uplifting and funny. My stay at GCH has truly been one of the best because of all of you. I appreciate everything you guys and gals have done and can't thank you enough. ...

Garden City Hospital Receives CuddleCotâ„¢ Donation from Ashlie's Embrace and Burman Family
Jul 12, 2019

Garden City Hospital Receives CuddleCot™ Donation from Ashlie's Embrace and Burman Family Garden City, MI – July 12, 2019 Garden City Hospital Obstetrics received a CuddleCot™ system donation from Ashlie’s Embrace, an ...

Hear what our patients are saying!
Jul 10, 2019

After his visit to Garden City Hospital, this patient left a message on the staff board that made the team crack a smile. Along with his kind five-star rating, his message wrote: "this facility may be old, but the smile and brightness inside ...

Hear what Mike had to say about his experience at Garden City Hospital
Jul 8, 2019

"I have been coming to Garden City Hospital for 25 years. When I heard that it would be changing five years ago, I was a little hesitant, but I stayed since it is the hospital in my community. My friends and family always went to another nearby ...

Mary's Story
Jul 3, 2019

When Mary found out from her doctor she was at risk for type 2-diabetes, she felt underprepared. “I wanted to know everything about being diabetic. The thing I was most scared about was administrating my own shots. I talked to my doctor and he ...

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