Creating a Culture of Safety


Garden City Hospital is committed to the safety of our patients, families, employees, and volunteers. We promote a culture of safety that encourages and supports free and open communication and non-punitive reporting of any situation or circumstance that threatens or potentially threatens the safety of our patients or caregivers.

The following systems help Garden City Hospital maintain the highest level of safety:

  • Reporting Errors, Events, and Near Misses
    Employees are encouraged to document errors, events, and near misses on a confidential report. These reports are reviewed and actions are taken.
  • Annual Culture of Safety Survey
    Last year, more than 300 employees completed the Culture of Safety Survey, which helps Garden City Hospital identify areas of safety concerns and opportunities for improvement. Results are analyzed and acted upon.
  • Patient Safety Rounds
    Patient and environmental safety rounds are conducted twice a month on a rotating basis through all nursing units and hospital departments. This is an opportunity for front line staff to express their thoughts and concerns regarding patient, employee and visitor safety issues, or other potential issues. Identified issues are tracked and forwarded to appropriate Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers for resolution.

Culture of Safety ElementsGarden City Hospital has policies and procedures in place to promote and maintain a culture of safety.

They include:

  • All patient safety events that should be reported are prioritized.
  • A non-punitive “close call” reporting system has been implemented.
  • Patient safety events are analyzed.
  • There is remedial action as necessary and the effectiveness of the action is measured.
  • Leadership is kept knowledgeable about patient safety issues present within the organization and continuously involved in processes to assure that the issues are appropriately addressed and that patient safety is improved.
  • There is oversight and coordination of patient safety activities.
  • Feedback is provided to frontline healthcare providers about lessons learned.
  • Staff is trained in techniques of teamwork-based problem solving and management.

Culture of Safety ActivitiesThere are multiple committees and activities, which include many departments and disciplines, to support constant improvement in the culture of safety at Garden City Hospital.