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Do You Have a Question About a Sports-Related Injury?Over the years I have frequented many different sports websites. During my travels into cyberspace, I have found in the blog and question sections of websites, parents or athletes asking questions regarding injuries and health. Many well meaning coaches, parents, and even some health care professionals answered these questions.

While some answers were based upon solid medical information, others were based upon myth, tradition, or “this is what I did as a kid”. I saw there was too much misinformation populating the web. I felt there was a need to provide a forum that athletes, parents and coaches could come to and ask for accurate and reliable information. So I created an opportunity on this site for individuals to contact me directly regarding their injury.

I am proud that all the statements I make and responses I provide can be substantiated by current medical journals. This accurate use of knowledge allows athletes to recover and return to their sport quicker. As a board-certified physician and Fellow of the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine, I look forward to helping you achieve the level of function you deserve. I encourage you to contact me by clicking the "Get Answers" button above and submitting your question online, or by calling our office at 734-261-3778 to schedule an appointment. I hope to hear from you soon!


Stanley J. Sczecienski, D.O.



About the Garden City Hospital Center for Sports and Family Medicine
The Center for Sports and Family Medicine at the Specialty Centers of Westland specializes in the treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries and offer sophisticated training programs to improve every aspect of athletic performance. For more information about the Center for Sports and Family Medicine, call our office at 734-261-3778 to schedule an appointment. The Garden City Hospital Center for Sports and Family Medicine is located at 35600 Central City Parkway in Westland.