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Pain is a very personal experience and is different for everyone. You are the best authority to judge your pain and its relief. Our Pain Center of Michigan is here to assist and help you understand pain, learn how to best describe it, the different types of pain medication and their effects, and alternative “non-medication” pain relief.

Your Comfort Matters

Our pain management team at the Pain Center of Michigan wants to effectively manage your pain so that you are able to maintain or improve your level of function and quality of life. Our goal is to give you the tools to control your pain both here and while you are at home. We specialize in the latest treaments in alleviating chronic back and neck pain and we treat a wide range of chronic pain conditions including: cancer pain, post-herpetic neuralgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, headaches, myofascial pain, pancreatic pain, and neuropathic pain. We will work with you to find the appropriate treatment option and delivery method for your specific needs.

What is Pain?

Pain is your body’s alarm system that lets you know that something is wrong. When a part of your body is injured, nerves in that area release chemical signals that are sent to the brain where it is recognized as pain. People experience pain differently. The amount of pain you endure depends greatly on the type and location of the pain, as well as your sensitivity to it.
Feeling anxious and fearful can make the pain worse.

Pain Treatment Options

Pain Medication
There are different types of medications that control pain. Depending on your situation, they can range from mild to strong. You and your physician will discuss what is appropriate for you. Several methods of delivering medications into the body include:

  • orally
  • intravenously through an I.V., given by the nurse or by a machine that you control
  • intramuscularly as an injection
  • epidurally through a special catheter in your back
  • topically as a patch or ointment applied to your skin
  • nerve Block (local anesthetic to numb painful areas)

Non-Medicine/Alternative Pain Relief
Pain can be managed using medications, alternative or supportive therapies, or using a combination of both. Alternate therapies include:

  • physical/occupational therapy
  • relaxation techniques
  • distraction
  • exercises
  • heat and cold

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Most insurance plans are accepted. The Pain Center of Michigan is committed to working with patients during tough economical challenges.

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