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Pasta E Fagioli



• 3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
• 2 carrots, diced
• 1 onion, diced
• 2 celery stalks with leaves, diced
• 1 fennel bulb
• 3 bay leaves, dried
• 6 sprigs thyme
• 3/4 lb. Borlotti (or red Kidney beans)
• 4 garlic cloves - grated
• 2 1/2 quarts chicken stock
• 28 oz. can diced tomatoes
• Pinch sea salt & fresh ground black pepper
• extra virgin olive oil for drizzling
• 2 cups of your favorite pasta
• 20 fresh basil leaves
• 1/3 cup freshly shaved Parmesan


1. Heat a large cast-iron pot over medium heat. add extra virgin olive oil. add carrots, onions, and celery and stir.

2. Meanwhile, dice fennel. add to pot and stir. strip the thyme sprigs over the pot and discard sticks. add bay leaf. sauté about ten minutes, or until the vegetables caramelize and start to soften. add Borlotti beans and grated garlic; stir.

3. add stock, canned tomatoes, a pinch of sea salt and black pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. stir, cover, and boil for one hour, or until beans are soft.

4. add pasta and cook for six minutes.

5. Chop basil and add to pot. stir thoroughly, and remove from heat. remove bay leaves and serve immediately. Garnish with shaved parmesan cheese.

If you don’t plan on serving the soup all at once, cook the pasta separately, and add to each bowl as you serve it. Otherwise, the pasta will soak up too much broth when stored.

Cook time: 1 hour 5 minutes; Prep time: 20 minutes; total time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Nutrition Information Per Serving
(Makes 6) 286 calories; 9.5g fat; 13 mg cholesterol