Patient Education

Physician Forms/Patient Brochures

Garden City Hospital provides a variety of physician form and patient education material free of cost to GCH physician offices. Whether you need a physical intake form or a brochure about Garden City Hospital’s Breast Care Center, you can easily place an order for patient brochures and it will be delivered to your office. If you are looking for a form/brochure/document not on the print request form, call Maha, Mailroom, at 734.458.4232 to place an order.

Downloadable Forms/Flyers

The following materials are available for immediate download and print. If you would like professional, color copies printed for your office, please place an order with Maha, Mailroom, at 734.458.4232 .

Diabetes-Support Groups

Finance-Community Assisted Pricing

Finance- Charity Care Guidelines and Application

Parkinson’s Care-LOUD Therapy

Parkinson’s Care-BIG Therapy

COPD-Patient Education

Heart Failure-Patient Education

Pneumonia-Patient Education

Center for Breast Care-Importance of a Mammogram

Physical Therapy-Lymphedema Management

Physical Therapy-Functional Capacity Evalutation

Physical Therapy-Hand Therapy

Physical Therapy-Functional Movement Screening

Exercise-Staying Healthy Through Fitness

Planning-Hospice Care

Planning-Home Care Agencies

United Home Health Services Referral Form