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Making a Difference Through Community Volunteerism

Date: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 - 10:31 AM

In late April, construction began on a new, three-bedroom house in Westland. You may ask, ‘What is different about this new home?’ In fact, much is different about this home! Most shockingly, it was constructed entirely by volunteer labor and donated materials in only six days.
GCH was one of many local businesses in Westland for Life Remodeled, a television pilot series documenting home transformations. GCH offered medical personnel onsite in case of illness or injury.
Garden City Hospital (GCH), along with other community businesses, participated in Life Remodeled, a television pilot series based in Westland documenting home transformations. Life Remodeled was started in Westland by Ekklesia Church.

In addition to construction suppliers and crews, dozens of businesses volunteered labor, food and other necessities to keep this project going round-the-clock. GCH is proud to have been involved in Life Remodeled, supplying the mobile medical unit onsite with daily medical personnel available in case of emergency illness or injury. More than 50 individuals, including 15 physicians/medical students, 24 nursing staff, 7 technicians, and lay volunteers from GCH offered their time and energy.

“I want to thank all who volunteered at the mobile clinic,” said Catherine Chamberlain, Coordinator Community Health. She added, “I heard over and over how kind and helpful everyone was. Although our work was not difficult, just to be there in the community with our big mobile clinic was wonderful.”

Jessie Lutz, R.N., Community Health Services, helped coordinate the GCH participation efforts. Lutz commented “It was great to see our staff band together to help keep this project going. We had a great time working hard and developing a sense of camaraderie. We all walked away with a feeling of accomplishment.”