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Cancer Survivor Joins Center for Counseling Staff

Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 - 10:16 PM

A diagnosis of cancer is usually a frightening experience. For Marlene Davis, MA, LPC, the diagnosis of cancer awakened a strong resolve to fight and win. She trusted her care to GCH’s oncology specialists, and it paid off. Marlene Davis is now a cancer survivor and one of the newest counselors at the Center for Counseling at GCH.

“While I was undergoing cancer treatment, I wanted to talk to someone locally,” Marlene said. “The lack of counselors skilled in helping the cancer patient and their families led to my decision to return to Wayne State University and complete a Masters Degree in Counseling.” Dr Phil O’Dwyer, Director of the Counseling Department, agreed and added, “Counseling helps patients cope, and when one is both ill and stressed, it is important to have counseling available locally.”

“My goal is to provide counseling in the local community tailored to the needs of cancer patients and their families,” said Marlene. Marlene can be reached at 734-458-3395.